Market factors

Final report Market opportunities for Alaska Yellow Cedar and Western Red Cedar in japan , Ivan Eastin, Center for International Trade in forest Products Oct 2002

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Proceedings of the Cedar Symposium
Growing Western Red Cedar & Yellow Cypress on Queen Charlotte Islands/Haida Gwaii BC.
Greg G Wiggins (Ed ) May 28 – 30 1996


Timber Pricing Home page

Timber sales, log price and scaling information State Forests Asset Managemant 2600 State St. Salem OR 97310

Historical and future log lumber and chip prices in British Columbia, by H A Simons Straegic Services Division and Cortex Consultants Inc June 1993

Chamaecyparis obtusa

Japan forests,forcasts and the Faustmann formula. Peter Blandon

New Zealand – a great place to do business H James Holmes
NZJF Vol 48 #1 p15
On establishment of sequoia
(washing machine)

n#2004/71, heart Macrocarpa Verandah Posts

Restoring Atlantic White-Ceda rSwamps: Techniques for Propagation and Establishment
John E Kuser and George L Zimmerman in Tree Planters Notes 46(3) 78 – 85 1995 or

Imported Timber Species
(notes yellow cedar as durability class 1)

Natural decay resistance of heartwood from dead, standing yellow cedar…
(notes that yellow cedar heartwood used in ground contact may not provide long term [decades]service )

Machining, Laminating and Finishing Properties of BC and Competing Species
Project Leader Derek Williams 1999

Robinson, J: The effects of site specific factors on the wood quality of two leyland Cypress ( x Cupressocyparis leylandii) clones , Leightron green and Hagerston Grey. batcherlor of forestry science dissertation 1987 Canterbury university
Sawn Timber… Charlie Low et al

Certified Kiln Dried Siding Patterns and Applications
QTL mapping for wood strength in Cryptomeria japonica. Kuramoto Noritsugu, Kondo Teiji

The tree’s lifestyle; and how it relates to other foreest dwellers ( in others words: physiology,environment, ecology including health and nutrition.


Journal of Experimental Botany, Vol. 54, No. 383, pp 647 – 656, Feb 1 2003
Multiple signalling pathways mediate fungal elicitor-induced beta-thujaplicin biosynthesis in Cupressus lusitanica cell cultures
Jian Zhao and Kokki Sakai

Annotated Bibliography of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis
Paul E Hennon and Arland S Harris

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The Penalty of a Long, Hot Summer.



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Zobel, Donald B Chamaecyparis lawsoniana ( A Murr.)Parl. Port-Orford-Cedar. IN: US DA FS Ag Hbk 654

Range Site Contents

Conabio >> Monitoreo de ecosistemas >> Caso Valle de Bravo >> Principales tipos de vegetacion

Instituto nacional de ecologia
Inicio – DGOECE – Conservacion de Ecosistemas- Conservacion de Habitat y Comunidades – Isla Guadalupe

Study areas in Pauri-Garhwal in Uttaranchal

Natural stands of Cupressus sempervirens (in: forets Remarquables de l’ile de Crete )

Helping Our Peninsula’s Environment
Ecosystem Walks
Monterey & Gowen Cypress Forests – Pebble Beach & Pt. Lobos

Co-evolution of soil properties and plant communities along an extreme edaphic gradient.

Dahlgren, Randy; Northup, Robert; Yu Zengshou

C sempervirens


The Ecology of Sequoia sempervirens
The ecology of coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is examined with an … generated by large back eddies in the summertime wind pattern (Zinke, 1977). … – 122k –

Peter Haase: Extreme growth deformations of Libocedrus bidwillii at Arthur’s Pass, South Island, New Zealand. effects on mainenance and growth respiration coefficients of young, field-grown hinoki cypress 9 Chamaecyparis obtusa ) Stephen Adu-Bredu, Taketo Yokota and Akio Hagihara. Ecological Research ( Ecological Society of Japan) Vol 19 2002


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Mineral nutrient concentrations in sapwood and heartwood: a literature review
Pierre Meerts. Ann. For. Sci. 59(2002) 713 – 722

Yule tidings May 2002 Volume 16 Number 2 [ includes a note on Sphaeropsis; another on Leyland nutrition]

(Cryptomeria japonica) AND JAPANESE CYPRESS ( Chamaecyparis obutusa) H … annurev.phyto.40.021202.110417

Mizoguchi, Takeo: Growth and nutritional responses of some Japanese conifers for inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and different soil phosphorous regimes. International conference on mycorrhizae August 4 – 9 1996 UC Berkeley

Rhizosphere Image Gallery. Cupressus abramsii. Michael Lebeck and Nick Bader

Cantelmo, A J; Ehrenfeld J G 1999. Effects of microtopography on mycorrhizal infection in Atlantic white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) Mills. ) . Mycorrhiza 8 (4) 175 – 180


The die-back phenomenom of Juniperis procera at the Al-Soudah…

Ecology and Management of Port-Orford-Cedar siskiyou National Park

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Dying Cedar Hedges, What;s the Cause?

PaulE Hennon, Forest Pathologist, USDA Forest Service Alaska Region, State and Private Forestry. August 1993 Yellow-Cedar decline

Leyland cypress Not bulletproof
Daniel E Mullins. Thursday July 3 2003

August29 2003. John Karlik, Farm Advisor

Bill Pramuk| Trees and People. Leyland Cypress not agood choice in Napa Valley Saturday August 10 2002

(Poria heart rot in Sequoía sempervírens )
. – 53k

MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS. SPECIES: Sequoia sempervirens … Damage: Damaging agents include insects, branch canker (Coryneum spp. …

What’s up with the redwood?

Wet weather makes Leyland cypress trees prone to disease
By: Billy Skaggs, Hall County Extension Agent

Six Diseases of Leyland Cypress. Colleen Warfield, Extension Plant Pathologist

Project:2000 – 03. Report – Inoculation Studies with the Cypress canker Fungus Seiridium unicorne. Ian Hood and J F Gardner

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Canker and Dieback diseases of Leyland Cypress

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Journal of Applied Ecology 33(3) 627 – 642

W M Ciesla: Cypress Aphid: A new threat to Africa’s forests

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Recent Advances in Allelopathy Vol. 1 Chapter 26 Allelopathic Effects of Chamaecyparis obtusa of Korea. Seung-Hoon Kwak, Bong-Seop Kil and Soong-Young Soh

Australian Cypresses. D L Christiansen oct 2001 Industrial Technology and Design Teachers Association

Soil organic Matter Composition in the Subhumid Etiopian Highland as Influenced by Deforesation and Agricultural Management. D solomon, F Fitzsche, M tekalign, J Lerrhmann and W Zech.

Forest & timber Isects in New Zealand: Large Cicadas, based on M K Kay 1980 (minor revision 2003 ) The plug has been pulled on:

Grass Grub Life Cycle

Tasmanian Grass Grub Life Cycle

the plug has been pulled on:


Flora of North America, The Flora Volume 1 Chapter 13 Gymnosperm Classification

James E Eckerwalder 2000

Miko’s Phylogeny Archive Landplant Groups CUPRESSACEAE from Earle 2002

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Paleocene gymnosperms from Mount Somers, New Zealand

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Paleobotany of Australia and New Zealand conifers
Paleobotany of Australia and New Zealand conifers.

Australian Systematic Botany Late cretaceous macrofloras of eastern Otago, New Zealand: Gymnosperms M Pole. Abstract.

Libocedrus …

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The Forests of Mount Ranier National Park: Alaska Cedar ( Chamaecyparis nootkatensis )

Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States Plates 81 – 84
Norther Praire Wildlife Research center

Carbon Distribution in Subalpine Forests and Meadows of the Olympus mountains, Washington
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Joseph Rocks Images

Las Pilitas Nurseries, Cupressus forbesii http://www.laspilitas,com/plants/227,htm

Chamaecyparis thyoides ( Atlantic white cedar ) Cupressaceae (Cupressus torulosa)
Pito ira

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Cone and seed production in a Port-Orford-cedar containerized seed orchard
Tree Improvement Programs by Species, Eastern Red-Cedar

Linking Deer Browsing and Terpene Production Among Genetic Identities in Chamaecyparis nootkatensis and Thuja plicata (Cupressaceae ) G Vourch, J Russell, and J L Martin. The Journal of Heredity 2002:93 (5)

Performance of 32 families of Cupressus lusitanica at Hambalowei, Lusotho

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In vitro fertilization of conifers: how to bypass sexual barriers in breeding

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New Hybrids of trees may be pest and disease resistant In vitro fertilization of conifers Achieved at Uvic by Mike McNeney

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Gains obtained from genetic improvement of Cupressus lusitanica Miller in Kenya: a comparative trial of seed orchard and other sources of seed at different stages of improvement*
Jason G. Kariuki and Ebby M. Chagala in
Abstracts from Tree Improvement for Resource-poor Farmers

Genetic improvement of Cypresses in New Zealand C J A Shelbourne and J T Miller NZ Forest Research Institute Agroforestry Research Collaborative Report No 15 Nov 1991

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Milne P 1991 Establishment of Cupressus macrocarpa progeny trials , South Island 1990 Agroforestry Res Collab Report No 13

Forest Rsearch Cypress[TM] Seedling Information [pamphlet] prepared by Pascal Berrill and Charlie Low Feb 2000

Forest Research Cypress{TM] PVR Clone information [pamphlet] prepared by Pascal Berrill and Patrick Milne Feb 2000

Gerry Vincent, Luis Gea, Jacqui Aimers-Halliday, Charlie Low and other Future Forests staff – Forest Research, Rotorua

What’s happening with cypresses at Forest Research

Breeding programs for “other” species are underway. Randy Johnson

Yellow-cedar. Population Improvement. John Russell, Forest GeneticsSection,BC Forest Service Research Branch

Tour… Site 2.5 – Cypress canker disease in Cupressus spp. Site 2.6– Armillaria in a kiwi
fruit orchard … Rotoehu Forest; Cypress canker screening program Arrive …

A Field Guide to Collecting Cones of British Columbia Conifers. Compiled by F T Portlock August 1996 for the BC Tree Seed Dealers Association . Issued under the Canada-British Columbia partnership Agreement onForest Resource Development: FRDA II

Growth Models

Preliminary growth and yield models
John-pascal Berrill

Regeneration system and genetic diversity of Cryptomeria japonica growing at different altitudes.
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Ryoji Hashimoto
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Tomiyasu Miyaura (1, 2) and Kazuo Hozumi (1, 3)
Tree Physiology, 13:263?274

Spacial Models for provenance growth of Cryptomeria japonica and Cunninghamia lanceolata. Jeng-Chuan Yang, Chi-Chuan Cheng, Fan H Kung Taiwan J For Sci 17(1) 1 ? 12, 2002
J_tfri_20020520085706_1_0001.pdf J_tfri_20020520085706_1_001.PDF

Estimation of height growth patterns and site index curves for Japanese red cedar (Cryptomeria japonica D Don) stands planted in Southern Regions Korea.
Lee, Young_Jin Korean J ecol, 25(1) 29 _ 31 2002



Sequoia sempervirens; John Sloan & Kenneth N Boe –
Seed Dormancy termination

An Increase in Pectin Methyl Esterase Activity Accompanies Dormancy Breakage and Germination of Yellow Cedar Seeds. Chengwei Ren and Allison Kermode
Plant Physiology september 2000, Vol. 124, pp. 231 – 242

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Nancy Schmitzx, Suzanne R Abrams and Allison R Kermode Changes in abscisis acid content and embryo sensitivity to (+)-abscisis acid during the termination of dormancy of yellow cedar seeds


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Site factors, Establishment, and Management

Black Cottonwood – a Nurse Species for Regenerating Western Redcedar on Brushy Sites. by Donald S McLennan and Karel Klinka Feb 1990

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Cupreesus guadalupensis

Paquete tecnologico Cupressus torulosa

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Restoration Ecology 11(2) 231 – 238

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Cypress Growers Handbook. Stephen Brailsford 1999. Brailsford forestry

[essences forestières
. Redwood Sequoia sempervirens (Lamb.) Endl. …

Nitrogen nutrition of containerized Cryptomeria japonica ‘Elegans Aurea’
laura G Jull, Stuart L Warren and Frank A Blazich. SNA Research conference vol 39 1994

TaxodiaceaeCDeciduous cypress family
Cryptomeria japonica (L. f.0 D Don sugi or cryptomeria
Gerald A Walters and John K Francis

Talking Tree ( A driftwood at Kiso River ),htm

Jefferson State of Mind

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Respiratory Toxicity of cedar and pine wood: a review of the biomedical literature from 1986 through 1995. Jeff Johnston

Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines for Wood Dust, Western Red Cedar

Occupational asthma due to California red wood (Sequoia sempervirens) dusts. … Occupational Diseases/etiology* Occupations Pneumoconiosis/complications* …

(American Journal of Botany. 1999;86:640-645.)
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Shade-avoidance responses in two common coastal redwood forest species, Sequoia sempervirens (Taxodiaceae) and Satureja douglasii (Lamiaceae), occurring in various light quality environments1

Wendy A. Peer2, Winslow R. Briggs3 and Jean H. Langenheim



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