Solid Timber Production

Solid timber production

Some areas of topics that might go here are instead dealt with separately under different crop or subject headings. So, this is a grab bag of references left over from other pages on growing solid timber crops.

Market factors

General Technical Report PNW-GTR-560

An Analysis of the Timber Situation in the United States: 1952-2050

A Technical Document Supporting the 2000 USDA Forest Service RPA Assessment

Richard W. Haynes, Technical Coordinator

what’s happenning to consumption of sawnwood in australia

Alabama stumpage price trends

ANR-1086, New Jan 1998. By Daowei Zhang, Extension Forester, Assistant Professor, and John Bliss, Extension Forester, Associate Professor, both in Forestry at Auburn University.

ANU Forestry Market Report No24: Cabinet timbers June 2003>

Dr Hugh Bigsby, C. Rai and L.K. Ozanne
Consumer Preference for Furniture Timber

wood properties – 22 Aug 2005

Structure of wood in relation to decay

An Experimental Method to Simulate Incipient Decay of Wood by Basidiomycete Fungi (PDF 61 KB

Chapter 4 Mechanical properties of wood

David W Green Jerrold E Winandy and David e Kretschmann

Wood Handbook–Front Pages 4. Mechanical Properties of Wood. Orthotropic Nature of Wood 4–1 … David W. Green. Supervisory Research General Engineer. David E. Kretschmann …

Trees for wood products

Guide and Bibliography to Service Life and Durability Research for Buildings and components Pjerberg, V Kucera, K Odeen, A Lewry H J Schwarz and T Yates

Part III – Building Materials and Components: Characterization of degradation

Treated Timber,

Ticking Time-bomb

Nina Lansbury Hall and Sharon Beder

feb 2005

Plant physiology


Effects of Wind

Smyth Jan 1987: Wind Energy Resource Survey of New Zealand; phase 1 – national survey using existing data. New Zealand Energy Research and Development Committee Univ Auckland

Effects of Light

Pennstate Centre for Plasiculture Plublications/Articles

The Chemical Nature of Silica in Plants F C Lanning, B W X Ponnaiya andC F Crumpton Plant Physiol. 1958 v33(5) sep 1958

Effects of Nutrient Concentrations


Assessment of calcium status in selected Maine forest ecosystems

Silica in woody stems G Scurfield, CA Anderson and E R Segnit

Australian Journal of Botany 22(2) 211 – 229

Silica and Abiotic Stress

M J Hodson and AN G Sangster

Extended abstract August 2002

Conifer Pruning EB1984

Donald P. Hanley, Ph.D. Stephen Reutebuch, MS …

Michea; S Watt et al

Forest ecology and management 216 2005 51 – 63

Michea; S Watt et al

Forest ecology and management 216 2005 51 – 63


Forest Management Workshop Manual

On-farm research for farm forestry – simple methods to obtain quality information

David Carr Greening Australia 2002

Phytophthora ramorum risk analysis

Gadow, Klaus von 2000. Evaluating risk in forest planning models
Applications of risk analysis in forest scenario planning are rare and greater emphasis needs to be placed on hazard prediction. … – 5k

Title: Risk analysis and timber investments: a bibliography of theory and applications.
Author: Hyldahl, Carol A.; Baumgartner, David C.
Date: 1991
Source: General Technical Report NC-143. St. Paul, MN: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Forest Service, North Central Forest Experiment Station
Station ID: GTR-NC-143

Economic analyses

The Appraisal of Forestry and Woodland Investments.
Woodlander Internet Publishing

Net Present Worth and Internal Rate of Return
Forest Management Workshop Manual
Forestry in the Appalachian Hardwoods of Kentucky

Economics Interactive Lecture (Instructions)The Internal Rate of ReturnCopyright © 1997-2006 Samuel L. Baker Calculation of the true interest yield expected from an investment. Explanation of Internal Rate of Return. Time value of money

A Learning Module for Demystifying
Forest Economics

The Rural Technology Initiative


] Forestry Financial Analysis I: An Introduction for Landowners EC 1146



The Process of Logging – A Photo Documentary, or
Rick Neitzel’s “Art of Freezing Your Butt off in Driving Rain and Snow at a Godforsaken Remote Logging Site


A review of small-scale harvesting systems in use worldwide and …

Forest Road Construction
05 Forest Roads

The Idiots’ Guide to Highways Maintenance

Soil Husbandry

Soil Biology Primer USDA NRCS august1999

Restoring Productivity on Degraded forest Soils. Two Case Studies by William W Carr Oct 1987

Amelioration of Al toxicity and P deficiency in acid soils by additions of organic residues: a critical review of the phenomenon and the mechanisms involved. R J Haynes and M S Mokolobate in Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems 59 2001 organic amendments.pdf

(b) Preston Sullivan Alternative Soil Amendments

Nonconventional soil additives: products companies ingredients and claims

Proposal for experimentation with Arkansas Lignite to Identify Organic Soil Supplements Suitable to Regional Agricultural Needs Steven W Kline

(e) Overview of Humate Production in North America, Hoffman, Gretchen K; Barker, James M; and Austin, George S



Hunter, I.R: The Nutritional Implications of the Establishment Phase in Plantation Forestry; pp 271 – 278, FRI Bull 156 Efficiency of Stand Establishment Operations 1991

Land Application of Wastewater in Arid Regions: the Challenge of Balancing Plant Water Requirements and Nitrogen Uptake

Walter H. Zachritz*, John Mexal**, and Ted Sammis**

The Effects of Fertilization on the Early growth of Planted Seedlings: A Problem Analysis by Robert P Brockley Feb 1988

Demonstration of the potential effects of nursery nutrients – tropical cabinet timber trees. Publication No.: 00/119. Project No. CSL-6A …

Removing a significant constraint limiting the diversification of the forest estate

Symbiotic Systems , Chris Perley and Ian Hall SEEDING

John Fawlkner (on direct [ field] seeding & setting of Radiata pine) Tree Grower(?)

Faukner, JohnThe morphology of the root system of young Pinus radiata D Don trees propagated in nursery and outplanted compared to trees established by direct seeding or direct-setting of cuttings (abstract) MaForScThesesAbs.pdf

(a) Seed Direct – A Landowner Perspective. Larry Krotz

Direct seeding Establishing a forest with seed. Gary Bayer, District forester Iowa Department of Natural Resources PowerPoint Presentation available via

Queensland government Natural Resources and Mines, vegetation series: Direct seeding

Tree Tops; Mark F Casey & Iain T Chalmers (Eds) July1993 Kondinin Group 117 Great Western Highway Belmont Western Australia (also includes content on tree guards)

Dan Williamson: Kentucky Reforestation Case Study

other site factors

Conifer Pruning EB1984

Donald P. Hanley, Ph.D. Stephen Reutebuch, MS …

Forest measurement and Modelling Brack C.1999 ANU Forestry, School of Resources, Environment and Society, Australian National University

Health & Safety

Falls Prevention Farm Forest Pruning

University of Washington. Forestry Vibration and Noise Exposure Project. Prepared For:. General Release. Prepared By:. Richard Neitzel, MS, IHIT, ASP


Gregorius, Hans-Rolf. Characterization and Analysis of Mating Systems.

… Site 2.5 – Cypress canker disease in Cupressus spp. Site 2.6– Armillaria in a kiwifruit orchard … Rotoehu Forest; Cypress canker screening program Arrive

Luis Apiolaza · Web Paraphernalia

Apiolaza, L.A. and Greaves, B.L. 2001. Why are most breeders not using economic breeding objectives? In: Developing the eucalypt of the future, IUFRO Symposium. Valdivia, Chile. 10–15 September 2001. (PDF preprint 152 KB)

The home page of Bruce Walsh at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Arizona.


Plant Tissue Culture Information Exchange Texas A&M University

Kryomeganus dolichocrassius an introduction to in vitro plant breeding


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